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Adronline is an Australian Mediation Service provider that practices facilitative mediation online with qualified mediator’s under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS), registered with the Australian Mediator Standards Board (MSB), who are the regulator of the Mediation profession in Australia and hold their members to stringent codes of conduct.

Mediators are trained through the Australian Mediation Association (AMA), a recognised mediator accreditation body (RMAB) who have certified they are qualified to the highest Australian standards in Mediation.

The areas of practice include :

  • Contract Law
  • Corporations Law
  • Commercial Law, International Commercial Law & CISG
  • Tort Law/Civil Law
  • Mining Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law (Mediation limited to AVO mediation & Restorative Justice)
  • Administrative Law and
  • Human Rights Law

Adronline is well equipped to deal with mediating most matters and with our online Mediation facilities we are able to deal with complex mediation cases involving parties with high conflict matters, providing a safe and secure environment to facilitate resolution of cases.  The online service is also ideal for parties who may have difficultly finding time to come together due to busy schedules or distance problems.

The head mediators are also the Chairman and Secretary respectively of the Australian Paralegal Foundation, a registered Charity with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission) with over 4000 members, we provide legal information and support to Australians to help improve their understanding of the law and their legal rights and responsibilities.

Mediator Profiles

Danny Jovica, Chairman of the Australian Paralegal Foundation is a qualified mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System and is registered with the Mediator Standards Board, trained through the Australian Mediation Association (AMA) and completing a bachelor of laws at Deakin University.

Michelle Saminaden B.Sci, dip.ed, M.Ed is a Family violence and trauma Researcher/Analyst (Vic), Secretary of the Australian Paralegal Foundation and is recognised by the Courts as an expert in the field of Family law and domestic violence management.

Michelle promotes an understanding of issues inclusive of the Family Law and Child Protection Systems, family violence risk factors, congruent responses, and supports, and trauma management.

Michelle joins into mediation sessions sharing her expertise in management of high conflict cases, especially ones involving children and related domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and trauma, to facilitate aspects of connectivity, well being, resilience, recovery and optimal development.

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