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Financial abuse of the elderly is a growing problem for police, bank workers, and lawyers.

Newly established elder abuse hotlines are being swamped with calls, many of which relate to financial abuse.  Financial advisers, bankers and lawyers are all calling for new measures to address financial elder abuse and the Attorney General, Christian Porter, has flagged a ‘National Plan’ to address ‘elder abuse’ to be released later in the year.

So what should the new measures look like?
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If you are experiencing elder abuse or know someone who is, contact us with the form below.

Mediation is a good way to seek a compromise resolution that preserves relationships. It gets parties who don’t agree to sit down and discuss their differences in a calm, controlled setting. Also, it’s generally less expensive than going through a trial and can keep the messy details of a case out of the public’s eye.

Mediating Elder Abuse Disputes

For elder abuse disputes among family, mediation can be a better way to resolve an elder abuse matter. It causes fewer hard feelings and may lead to a better understanding between parties (this is part of the idea). If you want to be able to sit down with that family member come the holidays, sitting down in mediation is the better option.


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