International Commercial Mediation

Resolution of International Commercial disputes by an Australian Qualified mediator with extensive business experience with Commercial Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

The mediator has completed training in Australian Contract Law, Commercial and Corporations Law, and International Commercial Law.

Australian Commercial Mediation

Australian qualified mediator under the National Mediation Accreditation system with training in Contract Law, Commercial Law, Corporations Law.

Mediation Areas :

Commercial & Business Mediation
Workplace Mediation
Environmental & Planning
Indigenous Dispute Resolution
Community & Neighbourhood
Restorative Practices & Conferencing

Private Family Mediation

We offer private family dispute resolution services by qualified mediators in accordance with NMAS standards.

To be clear this is private mediation, this type of facilitative mediation service is not for Section 601 certificates but for parties with a genuine desire to resolve their differences.

Family Law Mediation
Wills & Estates

Mediators are trained in Family Law and Qualified under Australian Standards.

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